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Our staff is prepared to assist you with the following services:

Investment Management

As agent for your investment needs, we will help you develop an investment objective and recommend an investment allocation specific to your needs.  With an Investment Management Account, we provide continuing review and management.  If you like to have the final decision on individual investments we offer Investment Advisory Accounts, where we recommend the investment allocation and only make changes with your approval.

Retirement Planning

We can serve as trustee for your traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA or SIMPLE IRA.  As your IRA trustee, we provide the same comprehensive investment management services that we provide in our Investment Management and Investment Advisory accounts.  We can help you manage your rollover distributions from your company’s 401(k) as well.

Estate Planning

We can help you in the planning process to determine the best method to handle your estate.  We can serve as executor and/or trustee to assure that your intentions are carried out upon your death or incapacity.  Trusts can also be used to minimize estate taxes and to avoid probate delays.  We work with tax and legal professionals to develop a plan specific to your needs.

Charitable Endowments

If you are interested in leaving a legacy through a charitable donation or by creating a charitable endowment fund, we can work with tax and legal advisors to develop a plan to maximize the tax benefits while serving your charitable intentions.

To discuss trust services call 304-258-7360 or 304-258-7382, or send an email to

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