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What is Net24 Online Banking?
Net24 Online Banking allows our customers a secure and convenient way to access their accounts via the Internet anytime 24/7.


How secure is Net24 Online Banking?
State-of-the-art technology is used to keep your information secure. All sensitive and personal information is encrypted, and access requires a password that only you know. In addition, your social security number and tax ID number are never displayed on the Net24 Online Banking system.


Can I view my check images online?
Yes, you have the ability to view and print your check images through Net24. You will see the image of your check by clicking on the check number. You can also "flip" the check to look at the back of it for endorsement information.


Can I change my user ID and password?
Yes, you can assign an "alias" user ID. The "alias" user ID and password cannot begin with a number. The password may be changed as often as you want. Simply click on the options tab and follow the simple instructions.


What if I forget my password?
Call a customer service representative at any branch office during regular business hours.


What if I get locked out of my Net24 account?
After a certain number of consecutive unsuccessful attempts your Net24 account will be locked. Call a customer service representative at any branch office during regular business hours to be reset after proper identification.


What if I don’t log off the system?
Net24 has a 10 minute time out feature. If you are logged into the system and you do not make any key strokes for 10 consecutive minutes the system will log you off and you will need to log in again to resume your session.


What if I get an error message?
Call our Deposit Operations Department at 304-258-1520 or if you are out of the local calling area 1-888-258-1520 with the error message, error number, and the time of the error. We will resolve the error as soon as possible.


What is the cut-off time for funds transfers?
You can do a funds transfer up to 7:00 pm ET for the current business day. Any funds transfers done after this time will be posted on the next business day.


Bill Pay FAQs


What is Bill Pay?
Bill Pay is an online bill payment system that allows CNB customers to send an electronic or check remittance to any business/person within the United States. The only restriction is that you cannot make payment to any government agencies.


Can a stop payment be placed on a Bill Payment item?
A stop payment may be placed on any check that you have issued that has not been paid against your account. There is a fee for a stop payment request. You may place a stop payment through Net24 or by contacting any branch office for assistance.


Is there a charge for Bill Pay?
No, Bill Pay is free.


E-Statement FAQs 


What is an E-Statement?
E-Statements are emailed to you rather than delivered by U.S. Mail and they look like your original paper statement(s). Your statements are emailed to you as a secure .pdf (Portable Document Format) attachment. Click here to view a sample E-Statement.


Is there a fee for E-Statements?
No, E-Statements are free.


How do I enroll for E-Statements?
1. Sign into Net24 and click on the "E-Statements" tab in the menu bar.
2. The next page will contain four steps to complete the enrollment.
3. The first step is automatically set to "All available documents for all active accounts". Currently, CNB is only offering account statements through E-Statements.
4. The next step is to ensure that your email address is correct in the space provided.
5. Next, you will enter your own personal security phrase. This phrase will display on all authentic emails sent for E-Statements. If you receive an email that does not have your security phrase, or it is shown incorrectly, contact CNB immediately.
6. The next step is to read the disclosure. By agreeing to the disclosure, you agree that your are able to open the sample E-Statement from the link provided.
7. Click Enroll Now to finish the enrollment process.
8. You will receive a confirmation email containing your security phrase to let you know that you have been enrolled.


How secure is E-Statement delivery?
Statements are sent as a "shell" .pdf without customer data. Once the user logs into E-Statements, their Net24 ID and Password are authenticated and the data fills the PDF document. The data included in the statement is secure 128-bit SSL encryption. Also, to guard against phishing attempts E-Statements utilize a personal security phrase which identifies that the email is being sent to you has originated from CNB.


How long are E-Statements viewable online?
E-Statements are stored for 60 days, but you may download the file at any time during those 60 days and keep them as long as you wish.


Can I save or print my E-Statement once I receive it?
Yes, you can save and/or print your E-Statement at any time your are viewing your statement.


Can I have my E-Statement emailed to someone else in addition to myself?
Yes, you have the option to have your statement(s) emailed to one additional recipient. You are responsible for maintaining the ID, password and email address for this additional recipient.