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July 7, 2015

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Purpose – CNB is striving to provide the highest quality service to our customers and our community. Each employee communicates this high quality of service through all aspects of customer contact within the bank, and also through projecting a good public image in the community.

The Employee of the Month award is designated to recognize those individuals who demonstrate exceptional qualities that enhance the Bank’s goal of the highest quality of service.

Each month, the Employee of the Month Committee from the nominations submitted selects an outstanding employee. The Employee of the Month committee consists of four local business people who service for a one-year term.

Nominations – Show someone you noticed. Customers, employees and supervisors may nominate an Employee of the Month candidate. All employees, excluding the President and Executive Vice President are eligible for nomination. If you would like to nominate an employee, please visit one of our offices or complete and submit the Employee of the Month Nomination Form below. Please list specific activities worthy of recognition that reflect the employee's care and concern for customers, bank practices and the community. An overall statement on the nominee's past performance in their job, general work attitude and other pertinent information should be included in the recommendation.

Committee & Rating Criteria – Each month an outstanding employee is selected by the Employee of the Month Committee from the nominations submitted. The Employee of the Month Committee is made up of four local business people who serve for a one year term. The following criteria are used by the Committee to select the Employee of the Month:

  • Demonstration of professional excellence exceeding normal expectations in rendering customer service.
  • Demonstration of leadership, peer motivation and excellent performance through conscientiousness, skill and expertise.
  • Demonstration of their general positive attitude toward co-workers, as well as customers.
2015  Employees of the Month
JanuaryKathy Zeigler & Jennifer Waugh
February Sue Stevens
March Helene Keefer

 Brandy Reed

May Fran Waugh


Employee of the Year 2014 Tina Davison
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